Dec 05, 1996: Interleague play approved

Let them play

TODAY in BASEBALL - DECEMBER 5 - NEW YORK, NEW YORK - It became official on this date in 1996. For the first time in the 125-year history of major league baseball, the Cubs will play the White Sox, the Yankees will play the Mets, the Dodgers will play the Angels in regular season games that matter. Eventually all National League teams would play all American League counterparts.

Interleague play was part of an agreement players unanimously approved to end four years of nasty labor unrest between players and owners that prompted a strike and cost the devotion of millions of fans.

Interleague play would start with the 1997 season. Before that the only time a National League team played an American League team was in the World Series. Some fans feel it should still be that way. But it can't be denied that interleague play has boosted attendance for many teams.

Associated Press (AP) December 6, 1996

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